Vital Farms’ hens get to roam free range. When you’ve got a million miles to roam, you have all the time in the world. When you have all the time in the world, you develop hobbies.

Good eggs come from happy hens. Happy Hens have hobbies.

Social Content

Vital Farms Instagram account becomes the hub for its new Pasture Pastime content series, and every single post is a different hobby from a different hen.


On-Site Ads

Melanie’s favorite hobbie is watching your mouse, so our ads for Vital Farms will watch your cursor on foodie sites.

Crowd Sensing Out-of-Home

Petunia loves to gaze at people, so our billboards in bus stops will allow her to “people watch.”

In-Store & Packaging

We’ll show off our hens hobbies above the egg aisle at Whole Foods, along with putting a bio inside of the carton.

Build a Hen

Vital Farms will allow younger egg eaters to build their own hen at Build A Bear and get to choose her pastime.

Copywriter: Funmi Adejobi