Open up TikTok and you’ll likely find Gen-Z dancing to “Savage” or sharing tips on how to dismantle the patriarchy.

This perception of TikTok as a “Gen-Z exclusive app” coated with “Okay Boomer” energy was potentially turn off to Millennials, who didn't know there was things they'd love about TikTok.

Our task: prove to older Milliennials that the content TikTok offers is relevant to them.

We did this through creating highly-targetable 165 unique assets from 3 whirlwind shoots.

You Belong On TikTok

Highlighting TikTok’s niche/popular/quirky communities.

TikTok Tutor

Showing all the cool/sweet/out of this world things you can do with their in-app effects.

Never Knew You Needed To Know

Showing off all the useful yet useless things TikTok teaches.