In the year I’ve worked on Popeyes, we’ve been challenged to react at the speed of culture, all through the lens of Popeyes Louisiana Chicken. Every day is a new opportunity to create magic and solve a new brief.

Here’s a collection of some of that Cajun Sparkle work. 🐔

Popeyes Live!

When a meme of someone getting an old menu board for their TV went viral, Popeyes took it as an opportunity to put our menu on your TV via Twitch - and actually order food live through the chat.

Apple Pie for Apple Keynote

On the day Apple held their 2022 Fall Keynote to announce the iPhone 14, we took the chance to hold a keynote for our apple product - the apple pie. Over four-thousand people tuned in on Twitter and watched a loop of pie product features.

Popeyes Food Hacks Series

Taking Popeyes to unexpected places and unleashing some interesting food for the feeds has been quite fun! We’ve created six videos and garned over a million views for the series and even made it on Mashed.

Popeyes You Are The Father! 

When Maury Povich announced his longtime show was ending after 31 seasons, we turned on a family meal promotion to celebrate the occasion in one hour. 

Furries for Popeyes

Popeyes being the first QSR restaurant to celebrate the furry community got a lot of internet love.

Various Other Work

Because when you’re making content everyday, it’s hard to fit it all in one page.