When Harry Styles got pelted on stage with a chicken nugget, it was time for Popeyes to step in and make sure that never happened again.

So we activated quickly and had five employees in the crowd for his next show with signs, making sure nobody dared to throw a nugget with our carefully crafted signs.

Thankfully, Harry fans in the crowd went nuts, spreading the news before we even could.

Even when we had the signs confiscated by Madison Square Garden Security, we still kept going, making sure no nugget was going to hit Harry.

And it worked! Not only did no one throw a nugget Harry’s way the whole show, he even gave a huge thumbs up to us for the effort.

And within 12 hours, we had a TikTok showcasing the lengths Popeyes went to avoid another chicken throw up and ready to go.

Because it’s all about loving that chicken at Popeyes, not throwing it!

PR Week