We had four days to come up with a plan to drive traffic and sustain excitement for all 336 hours of non-stop Olympic athletic sports greatness.
Our solve?

Buffalo Wired Wing Sauce: a Caffeinated Wing Sauce.

Packaging: The Sauce

We took a tiered approach to the sauce, with names like Pregame Jitters, Glory Shakes and Victory Tremors all indicating the level of caffeine in each. Ranging from two shots of espresso to six, this sauce will keep you up for those can’t miss Olympic moments.

Face Filter

We created an Instagram face filter to gauge the level of Wired you are. Users would recieve a “Swipe up for $3 off New Wired Wings” offer if they were deemed “not Wired enough.” Try it out here!

Packaging: In-Store

Traditional OOH

The Team: Nick Garfield (CW), Stephen Pisano (AD), Tory Nagel (ST), Brianne Johnson (ST), Alisha Taylor (CBM/ST)